Windows with built in blinds

Windows with built in blinds

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Windows with built in blinds have attracted lots of dwellers mainly because they are less wear and tear. It becomes one of the most prominent advantages of installing this type of windows. There is no need to worry about the windows get damage because of extreme wind, pets, and kinds. It is because the built in blinds sealed securely within the double glazed unit. Moreover, windows with integrated blinds don’t require cleaning. The blinds are fully protected. They won’t trap any dust and debris.

Windows with built in blinds

Windows with built in blinds

As the built-in blinds are made with durability in mind, they won’t require lots of maintenance and repair cost. This cost-saving benefit becomes one of the major plus points that these windows offer to any homeowners. If you are a kind of person who are reluctant to do the cleaning and maintenance, these windows are definitely what you are looking for.

The other thing that people like from windows with built in blinds is the privacy they offer. The blinds come with less visible glass due to the perimeter frame they have. No noticeable gaps are found. Say goodbye to your nosy neighbors. They won’t tell about what you are doing inside your home.


Not only do the blinds that sits precisely within the glass provide ultimate privacy, they also improve the performance and appearance of the whole unit. Furthermore, since the windows already come with blinds, there is no need to buy new curtains. Built-in blinds will never look dull and ugly as they do not get damaged easily. Although these windows have limited design style, the sharp look will stay the same over time. The blinds have classic and neutral look that enhance the beauty of your home.

Windows with built in blinds can be operated using magnetic or electric option. Compared to dangling cords, the set-up of blinds integrated windows is definitely safer. The operation is fully cordless, making them safer for homes with pets or kids. Moreover, compared to other window treatments, built-in blinds harbors fewer allergens. Advanced products even involve solar control that opens and closes the blinds automatically as daylight changes. There are other unexpected features that you may find in these windows,

It should be noted, however, that the blinds that come along with the glass unit is a permanent fixture. You may need to visit a showroom directly to see how these windows look so you can decide whether the windows are perfect for you.

Windows with built in blinds


So far, a number of benefits has been addressed. They include low maintenance, less risk of damage, convenience, and safer for family with young children and pets. One thing that homeowners often complain about is the high price. Compared to traditional blinds, windows with built-in blinds cost more. Generally the price starts from $500 to $600 per window. Although it is considered as a little bit pricey, buying windows with built-in blinds is worth it. You may need to spend more in the beginning but you will save money in the end as these windows are long-lasting.

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