What is the classification of turquoise?

turquoise necklace is the process of creating high-quality jewels with naturally occurring turquoise as the raw material. In this article, let us discuss the different types of turquoise elements currently in use.
Natural untreated turquoise
You can consider this to be the only type of turquoise that you can use directly without any modification or treatments as a jewel. Usually, all the gemstones would have to go through some purification and polishing stages and this specific variety does not require them. Hence, it is considered to be the most valuable gemstone type within the turquoise family itself. The demand for this stone is high when it glows in an eye-catching color.
Stabilized turquoise
When you try to cut a naturally occurring turquoise as it is, the gemstone would break and no one could use the same for the jewel-making process. If you wish to use the gemstone in the jewel to produce attractive styles of jewels, you would have to make the material softer and malleable than its nature. Once you make the gemstone perfect for these processes by treating it with polymers and other stuff, you call it stabilized turquoise.
Composite turquoise
The term composite means a mixture of various elements. The same would fit the production of this type of turquoise product also. They would use small pieces of turquoise along with some polymers to produce larger blocks of a composite element. Only this element would be used for the making of the jewels. You will see only a limited composition of turquoise in this type of jewel.
Dyed turquoise
As the name suggests, this process would bring turquoise composites of different colors with the help of dyes on porous constituted turquoise.

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