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The Inspiration of Mid Century Modern TV Stand and the Tips to Decorate it

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The Inspiration of Mid Century Modern TV Stand and the Tips to Decorate it – Do you ever think of mid-century modern TV stand? Well, in this era of increasingly sophisticated technology growth, TV remains a source of entertainment and information for most people, so TV and shelves are still the main furniture at home. There are many shelf models that can be selected and minimalist TV racks are still the most commonly chosen models to date.

The Inspiration of Mid Century Modern TV Stand and the Tips to Decorate it


mid century modern tv stand

Minimalist TV Stand Design Inspiration

There is a huge variety of mid-century modern TV stand options that are sold in furniture stores and can be ordered as desired. To get the most suitable model, here we summarize the minimalist TV rack models that you deserve to inspire:

Simple TV stand

This stand model is fairly simple because it’s only a rectangle with two shelf levels. The upper part is for putting the TV, and the bottom is for other small electronic equipment.

Wooden TV stand

Furniture made from wood always manages to create an impressive interior. This makes a wooden TV stand worthy of choice to make the room feel warmer and more comfortable.

Solid wood TV stand

Choosing a mid-century modern TV stand made from solid wood gives several advantages for the owner. These advantages include: durable, durable and have a good shape and color.

Wooden pallet TV stand

The wooden pallet TV rack, which has a drawer on the front side, makes the TV room look neater because small items that often make the room look cluttered, such as cable reels can be stored in a drawer.

Hanging TV stand

The TV rack attached to the wall has a simple but charming design. Underneath there is only one shelf that is divided into three sections and enough to store your entire DVD collection.

The Tips to Fit TV stand

Adjust decoration color with TV stand color

TV racks made of wood with a dark color will seem gloomy if paired with dark-colored decorations too, so you can try decorations with bright colors and pastel colors such as white, light green, or ivory yellow to give the impression of sweetness, or decorations that are made of used iron and wood for industrial impression. But if your TV rack has a white nuance, any color decoration can be used.

Add small plants like succulents or cactus

Do not have time or do not want to bother taking care of plants, but want to bring a beautiful impression in your TV room? Succulent plants or cactus can be the solution. In addition to its small size, so it is practical and does not take up much space, succulents or cacti do not need more care like ordinary plants and are able to survive in a dry place. You can put the plant on a TV rack and place it in a pot with a simple or unique design.

Take advantage of space on the TV stand to store collectibles

If your TV rack has extra storage or storage space, fill it with your collection items, such as books, CDs, or vinyl records. To be neater, arrange according to size and use a book holder. TV racks also look more character and your collection can be more easily accessed.

After reading the article above, you now understand that a mid-century modern TV stand is not just a shelf to put a TV on but also serves to beautify the interior appearance of a home. So, don’t just choose!

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