Residential roll up garage doors

Residential roll up garage doors

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Residential roll up garage doors are often called as service doors. These doors are typically made from heavy-duty aluminum or steel. To open a roll up door, you simply need to roll it up. This type of garage door is often found at auto shops, loading docks, and other places related to industrial uses. However, this door is becoming popular nowadays and many people use this roll up doors for their garage in their home. Roll-up doors are available in many different types to suit individual needs and preference such as glass and wood roll up garage doors.

Residential roll up garage doors

Residential roll up garage doors

Residential roll up garage doors move as one piece. They have a set of metal slats that are locked together. Generally they can be rolled up manually while some advanced roll up doors come with an electronic opener. This door is perfect for a home garage or workplace that does not have much extra overhead space. It is because the door won’t take up space in the ceiling.

In addition to the overhead space saving benefit and easy use, residential roll up garage doors are known to be durable enough that they can withstand high temperatures, storms, and other extreme weathers. The doors also available in various colors, meaning that you can easily find a roll up door that blends with your home’s exterior.

Many people prefer a garage door that is not to weighty. Speaking of weight, residential roll up garage doors can have light, medium, or heavy-duty gauges. It all depends on the door’s size and the structures to where the door is attached. A light-duty door, for instance, is suitable for recreational facilities, portable buildings, and other small structures. Larger structures like warehouses of course requires a heavy-duty door. So, it depends on your personal needs.

The Size

The size of the door will influence the price of residential roll up garage doors. There is another prominent factor that affects the cost of the door. It’s the strength. Talking about the strength, it has something to do with the material of the door. Besides, the long-term cost should be considered as well. There are costs for repair and maintenance. However, there is no need to worry so much about these costs because roll-up doors, especially those designed for extensive use, are made to be more durable. Their parts can last longer although the door is used frequently.

Residential roll up garage doors


Speaking of durability, steel and aluminum are known to be the strongest materials for roll-up garage doors. With a durable garage door, your residence is fully protected. You don’t need to worry anymore about robbers breaking inside the home. Security and durability is actually not the only benefit that you can get from installing residential roll up garage doors. Little maintenance is another advantage of having this door installed. Thanks to the only few parts it contain. They key is to keep the door clean. What you need to do is just to wash it off regularly so it will always look good and function properly.

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