Queen over queen bunk bed

Queen over queen bunk bed

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Redecorating a bedroom is absolutely a tedious task especially when you have a tiny floor space and unlimited budget. Even with various options of furniture available on today’s market, redecorating still becomes a daunting task to do. Queen over queen bunk bed can be a perfect solutions for those dealing with small bedroom yet having to provide space for a number of sleepers.

Queen over queen bunk bed

Queen over queen bunk bed is a kind of multi-purpose furniture that fit someone who wants to save space. The bunk bed typically consists of two beds in which one bed is built on top of the other bed. It commonly has built-in stairs or a detachable ladder that connects these two beds so that the upper bed can be accessed easily. The beds are made of various materials from wood to metal. Some people call bunk beds as loft beds although actually these two bed styles are different. While bunk beds have a bottom bunk, loft beds don’t. Instead, there is an open space under the top bed. The underneath space may feature drawers or a desk.

Queen over queen bunk bed


There is always a bunk bed for every sleeper including for someone who wants to have queen size bed. Compared to other bed sizes, queen beds are considered as the most favorable ones. Not only are they ideal for sleeping alone queen beds are also suitable for sleeping with someone else. Although they are smaller than king beds, queen beds can also accommodate three kids. That’s why, owning a queen over queen bunk bed is definitely a solution that provides ample space for more sleepers.

It is clear that in addition to be an ultimate floor space-saving option, a queen over queen bunk bed provides multiple sleeping spaces. Therefore, this type of bed is also perfect for any dwellers living in a small apartment. Families with many children can also benefit from this bed. There is no need to sacrifice floor space, then.


There are endless options of queen over queen bunk bed to choose from. Therefore, it is very important to select the best bunk bend that meets your needs. Just like the other types of bed, bunk beds also come with various materials. Metal is popular material for bunk bed due to its high durability and low cost. Another sturdy options is wood. However, wooden bunk bed is usually heavy thus it may not the best choice for someone who likes redecorating and moving furniture.

It is also necessary to understand some features that come along with the bed. As mentioned previously, bunk bed may feature climbing stairs, a ladder, and other play features. Even, there are bunk beds with storage steps. Some beds are also low to the ground. This kind of bed is perfect for smaller children and for a room with a low ceiling.

You can also find unique styles of queen over queen bunk bed that suits your existing décor style. For a stylish kid’s room that lasts forever, industrial style bunk bed seems to be a great idea. Another alternative is a modern style that comes with minimalist look and clear lines.

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