Mid-century modern dining table

Mid-century modern dining table

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Are you looking for a dining table? You may consider a mid-century modern dining table that is popular for its geometric shapes, smooth curves, and clean lines.

These three design elements are the major keys of mid-century modern furniture.

Before knowing further about the main characteristics of the table, it is interesting to take a look at its history beforehand.

The era of mid-century modern began at 1950s and lasted until the next decade and the popularity of mid-century modern furniture design emerged from urban dwellers in Toronto.

At that time, furniture pieces were mostly multipurpose. Tables were not specific. They were used for various purposes such as writing, eating, and even playing cards.

Therefore, a mid-century modern dining table also adopts this idea in terms of its purpose.

Although the table is mainly used for dining or eating, it can also functions as a reading table or study area.

Mid-century modern dining table

Mid-century modern dining table

The Design

Talking about its design, a mid-century modern dining table has a simple design and clean lines.

If you notice, no dining tables of this style have fussy ornamentation.

The sleek aesthetic is the value shown off from the design.

The dining tables are made of excellent craftsmanship.

Most of them are made from wood.

Natural finishes are applied to highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

There is no specific type of wood used for making the furniture but teak seems to be the most popular one.

It is also easy to find mid-century dining tables in oak, maple, and mahogany.

The Materials

Mid-century modern furniture including dining tables are made with a mix of natural and manmade materials.

Although they are made of wood, the surface of the table can be layered with glass.

This idea can enhance the modern flair.

Glass table tops are considered as timeless and clean.

For a more durable option, think about marble table tops.

Just like glass tops, marble tops are easy to clean. Besides, this material brings unique texture and enhances the look of the whole dining area.

Mid-century modern dining table

The Shape

What about the shape?

Many different sizes of dining tables in this design style can be found although the majority of the shape is rectangular.

This popular shape is preferred due to its versatility and functionality.

Rectangular tables generally can house 6 to 12 people.

Oval, round, and square are other shapes of mid-century modern dining tables.

With many different shapes available, you can choose the one that suits your needs.

For small dining rooms with four or less family members, a square table is good idea.

If you want to create a more intimate vibe, opt for a round table.

There is an important thing to be put into account when it comes to talk about mid-century modern dining table.

The table itself gets its look not only because its neat lines, materials, and simple design.

The surroundings also help enhance the feel of mid-century modern that the table brings.

For instance, the addition of geometric patterned tablecloth or a vase of bold colored flowers on the table can boost the vibe of mid-century modern throughout the room.

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