how wide is a queen size bed

How big is your queen size bed? The dimensions and more

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How big is your queen size bed? The dimensions and more – So, you are looking for a new bed and this is the time to decide – whether you want to choose a king or queen one? It may look like a simple decision, right? Actually, there are more things that you have to know rather than just the different size. To help you feel comfortable with your bed, then this article offers you with anything that you have to know first along with some tips to decide which one is better for your room. Even you can find dimensions of a queen bed as well.

Mattress size can be a mystery for many people and sleepers can be so fussy as well. Some of them like to snuggle all the time while others may like to spread out to get the best night sleep. Some families may want their kids and pets in the bed, while many prefer to sleep alone. No matter where you are related to your sleep, a queen bed size is a popular item which can meet your need to get deep and restful sleep night. This is the ideal mattress in most adults as well.


dimensions of a queen bed

The dimensions of your queen size bed 

  • The dimension is around 60 x 80 inches
  • The queen size bed is one size smaller than a king-sized bed.
  • The queen mattress working so well in the medium-sized room since it does not dominate the room or being dwarfed by it as well.
  • This is also a popular option among all mattress sizes that you can find in markets whether for the couples or single adults.

There are so many ways how this versatile size really helps you to guarantee restful sleep at the night. This is anything that you want to know related to its size.

The benefits of choosing a queen-size bed 

There are always reasons why queen-size bed become so popular in the market – once again, this bed is so versatile. The queen mattress is a great bed for couples and this is a comfortable space for the traveler to get down their bones in your room. If you have sleep partners, both of you can sleep comfortably in this bed size. But, if you prefer to sleep alone, you can get more space for your body and legroom compared to the common size mattress.

There is also space for your pet, kids or whoever who love to invite sleeping with you. for the single sleeper, then this queen size will look like a lavish and extravagant feeling – in a very good way, at the end of each day along with the comfortable note. For those who are taller sleepers, a bit of extra length will make them feel more comfortable. The dimension of your queen bed is so great to sleep above the five-foot. If you are an active person, you do not need to worry about falling down from your bed. The extra-wide will help you to ensure that you are still on the bed surface.

Then for couples, choosing the queen bed size can dramatically reduce the possibility of crashing to each other over the night and disturbing anyone’s sleep. Even, the queen size can be the smartest option for couples, especially if you do not have the space for the king-sized bed. Instead of increasing the comfort level, choosing the queen size rather than a full-size bed can help to extend your bed and make it feel like the new one. With more space, you do not need to sleep at the same place every night – this is a reason why you found indentations in your bed.

Well, this is extra – the queen size offers you with under-bed storage as well. your blankets, clothes, extra shoes and other decorations can be kept under your bed. It avoids you of seeing the clutter from a build-up inside your closets and bedroom. After all, choosing dimensions of a queen bed is more cost-effective and very easy to be transported and a great way to show off to your guests that you love them by not forcing them to the bed or pull-out bed.

As mentioned before the queen size bed just one size smaller rather than a king size bed. Both of them have different width but not the length. As mentioned before that the queen size offers you with so many benefits as a king-size bed as well, but it can load in the smaller roam and cheaper point. The only visible difference between these two beds come from the width – you only need to decide if having additional wide was worth with the additional cost for your frames and mattress. Ensure that you also consider the extra space that you need in your king bed. You can spend a second to think all factors in your life such as sleep partners, room and so on.

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