From Ashes To Diamonds: The Perfect Souvenir

What is a universe without our loved ones? However, the facts of lifestyle is which our nearest and dearest tend not to stay with us indefinitely. Even though today it’s likely to keep a souvenir of these indefinitely by turning their ashes to diamonds.

How Does this work?

All these Are the measures of working of this method:

To initiate the procedure, an individual may buy a kit from professional vendors such as Saint Diamonds to the website. It’s every one of the tools and instructions in the apparel which can be requirements for its submission of ashes.
Purification of carbon: It is just the carbon content of the ashes needed to create diamonds. Ashes just have 1-5percent of carbon abandoned after the cremation process whilst the rest disappears.
Growth of Diamond: a full world of 900 deg Celsius and sixty kilobars is done to generate diamonds. Carbon is united with small diamond plants, followed closely with the crystallization method to convert ash to bead.
Cutting diamond: The design that a customer requests is attentively wrapped upon the diamond generated through step 3. Any rest imperfections are also handled inside this task.
Grading and coloration of pearl: You’ve got the option of owning coloured diamonds in black, green, blue, and et al.. Gemmologists have been screened to ensure 100 percent quality and standard of the goods.
Putting the diamond: The pearl is subsequently put in bits of jewellery within the previous action.


Diamond Manufacturing is an extremely complicated procedure that needs great persistence and focus on detail, and so, converting the ashes to diamonds is really a fulfilling one.

Maintain The reminiscences of your family members intact having some thing as priceless because these, and what better compared to diamond to get the same.

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