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3 ideas to get mid century modern dining table

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3 ideas to get mid century modern dining table – mid century modern dining table Each part of the residence must have a variety of forms and uniqueness. Like the dining room in the house. In addition to being room to eat together with the family, the dining room becomes one of the means to gather and spend time with family. One important element that is in the dining room is the dining table. The development of the design and model of the dining table itself is indeed very varied now without ignoring the use and ergonomic aspects of the dining table itself.

Well, this time we will review the unique mid century modern dining table design and can be an inspiration for your dining room.

3 ideas to get mid century modern dining table

mid century modern coffee table

Using the Galley Style

In the middle ages, the design of the dining room and dining table is not like today. At that time people usually eat in a state rollicking, so that the shape of the kitchen or the table is arranged in an elongated form, filling the entire room. If you want to get mid century modern dining table, then you can try this style. Called the Galley Style, in the form of using elongated tables, by providing chairs on both sides. For those of you who have quite busy family members, this style is perfect to try at your home. Usually, the color that matches this style is brown matching, with a strong past accent.

Using medieval color touches

In medieval times, most people decorated their kitchens using tiles that were dark in color, resembling dark ash. But some use bright colors, such as matching white broken. You can change the appearance of your dining table by using these color ideas. Not only that, but you can also get mid century modern dining table by aligning it with the appropriate trinkets. You can just make a dining table from a variety of materials, for example, wood, plastic, even marble. It will not be a problem when you complete the design of the material with suitable colors. If you decide to use wood, maybe consider in terms of a more affordable price, then try to choose the wood that is made from fine, and not too heavy. But if you want a more luxurious medieval atmosphere, you can try using marble, which is equipped with medieval trinkets.

Adjust the dining table attributes

In making a unique and attractive appearance about your dining table mid century modern dining table, even more so if you want a look that is similar to medieval times, then another thing you can do is align your dining table with other attributes. Like the shape of a chair, the soles of the table, then plates, spoons, and forks, as well as trays where fruit and side dishes are placed. In medieval times the concept used was open, with a large space. Therefore if you intend to do it too, choose a minimalist table shape. The chair is also used to try to form a ladder and has high legs. For color, don’t forget to choose wood accents and brown colors. Because this will turn your dining table into a medieval atmosphere.

That’s him 3 tips regarding the mid century modern dining table Ready to try it?

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