Veronica Mars Apartment Building

I don’t know about you guys, but yesterday all my social media feeds were clogged up with collective squeeing at the announcement (and rapid fulfillment) of the Kickstarter fund for a Veronica Mars movie.

While I’m not quite sure if I have a disproportionately large number of friends who are psyched about this news compared to the population at large (quick, somebody run a Z test!)(jay kay lolnumberz), it nonetheless seems to me like people are pretty excited about the movie, which will soon be gaining the official backing of Warner Brothers.

And well they should be. A smart, well-written mystery drama series about a socially scorned yet scrappy father-daughter detective team… what’s not to love? A long time ago (we used to be friends, but I — ok no, not right now, Veronica Mars theme song!) I toyed with the idea of a VM post but never quite got it together. Today, though, I add to the body of compelling evidence that the Mars family is pretty dang awesome.

The Mars’ home is a symbol of their fall from favor in the town of Neptune, the domain of the wealthy “09ers.” While Veronica’s classmates live in sprawling McMansions and sterile modern dwellings, she and her dad live in a shabby apartment building. Their humble rental is a conscious symbol of their pride and refusal to be cowed by those who would have them leave town.

Let me also mention that the apartment is pretty fabulously decorated. What follows is a number of  screenshots that highlight the decor (my apologies about the darkness of some of the photos… I’m pretty sure by now that the creators utilized dim interiors for the Mars apartment specifically to create a mood of late nights and long hours working on cases).

Veronica Mars Apartment entry

Veronica Mars bedroom desk

The interiors combine modern furniture with mod accessories and also include natural elements like matchstick blinds and seagrass chairs. The overall effect is one that is casual, comfortable, and effortlessly hip.

Veronica Mars Living Room from kitchen

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there are a few glammed-up permanent elements. We’ll just assume that the landlord has an incredible sense of style, and that’s where the gorgeous blue tile and corrugated steel backsplash came from.

Veronica Mars Keith Mars Kitchen

Perhaps my favorite thing in their entire apartment is that really comfy-looking striped armchair. You can see it in the next two photos and a little in the photo with Wallace in front of the nice built-ins.

Keith Mars striped chair

Keith Mars Living Room

 It’s also worth mentioning that the office that houses Mars Investigations is pretty boss as well. Check out the gorgeous stained glass and massive desk:

Veronica Mars Keith Mars office Mars Investigations

Veronica Mars Investigations desk

Isn’t it great?  In honor of the fantastic Mars apartment, I pulled together a few pieces that reminded me of some of the standout colors and textures:

Veronica Mars Apartment Style

1. Jute blinds from Pearl River ($22) ; 2. Black stripe loveseat slipcover from ($65) ; 3. Ping poly table lamp, ($44) Furnish America ; 4. Mars travel poster by Steve Thomas Art ($13) ; 5. Seagrass dining chair ($149) from Target ; 6. IKEA KARLSTAD chair in Lindö beige ($400) ; 7. Steamer trunk coffee table, Home Depot ($189) ; 8. Moorish tile rug ($250 for 5 by 8 foot), Pier One.

So wheeeeeeeee… I loved going back through the series to look at the interiors again, and I hope you enjoyed it too. If you’d like a refresher on all things Veronica Mars, you can watch all three seasons right on the WB website. Just remember me wheeeeeeeeeeeen we used to be friends… oh, and hey, if you’ve got more free time than Dick Casablancas has board shorts or Weevil has motorcycle friends, why not revisit my investigations of Sherlock’s apartment, or Peep Show apartment style?