Hee Haw Cast

Right now I’m lamenting the failings of human language. Why, you ask?

Because I’m not sure if there are adequate words in English or any other language that can properly convey how much I love Hee Haw.

Truly, you ask? Hee Haw? The Nashville-based comedy / music variety show that started in 1969 and ran for 20 years, primarily as a first-run syndication show? That Hee Haw? The Hee Haw that featured corny recurring skits performed in front of simulated rural backdrops along with awesome musical performances?

Johnny Cash Archie Campbell Hee Haw

Yep, that's Johnny Cash about to put a pie in Archie Campbell's face. Hee Haw rules so hard.

Why yes. THAT Hee Haw. I grew up watching syndicated Hee Haw reruns at my Mammaw’s house. I know the show holds a place in many families’ hearts– and is an especially fond television memory for those who watched it as children. (In fact, my family STILL refers to a large group of people collectively as “the whole Hee Haw gang,” as in, “Who’s comin’ down to the house? Just you and the boys? Or are you bringin’ the whole Hee Haw gang?”)

Some may dismiss the show as a kitschy, cornpone product that perpetuated rural stereotypes, but I would argue that the show’s grinning performance of “hillbilly” identity has rich satirical value. It’s a comedy style done with tongue planted firmly in cheek, and its simplicity belies a rather sophisticated commentary on social stratification and snobbery. I’ve always found that the best self-deprecating humor works to put others at ease. It’s a way to show hospitality and good will.

I figured that since Hee Haw is so dang heartwarming and makes me feel genuinely good feelings about humanity, then why not try to capture that vibe in apartment style form? After all, aren’t those the feelings we want our guests to have when they come to our homes? So, I created a Hee Haw lookbook designed to bring a little country decorating style into a rental space. The result is a contemporary kind of country decor, with a modern color palette and a couple of rustic touches.


1. I spent a lot of time searching for the perfect piece to pay homage to the exaggerated fence-slat set on display in a lot of the show’s musical performances (you can see it in the cast photo at the top of the post). I was pleased to find this picket fence and archway vinyl wall decal ($65, amazon.com). At 48 by 65 inches, it makes a bold graphic statement. It’s also available in many colors (including the blue that is shown here, but I simulated this image. The actual shade may be different)– but I think would be great in blue, red, or black.

2. This Buck Owens print (Yee-Haw Industries, $40) is a must-have for any Hee-Haw-inspired room. There’s only one for sale on Etsy now, but check out the rest of the listings by Yee-Haw Industries for lots of great options. They are an awesome company– right out of my hometown! — that specializes in unique letterpress posters that are lovingly handmade. I’m the proud owner of a Cas Walker print and can’t speak glowingly enough about the quality of their work.

3 – 6, the main pieces: The show’s sets are often painted in muted corals instead of reds, and sky-blues instead of dark blues. To mimic the late-modern country era color scheme, I picked a color palette of denim blue (with light blue accents), red, and coral accents. The pieces pictured are the Portfolio Belfry Convert-a-Couch (3) ($540, overstock.com) with a variety of different-colored pillows: the Red-Pink Oblong Button pillow (4) ($20), the fancy shmancy yet hard-to-resist coral-on-blue pillow from Posh Living (5) ($40), and a pair of robin’s-egg-blue-pillows from Target (6) ($25 for the pair).

7- 8, the accent pieces: Well, my first thought was, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a lamp that looked like a moonshine jug?” (PROTIP: Most sentences ending with the phrase “moonshine jug” are probably going to be awesome.) I actually did find a one-of-a-kind piece for sale on Etsy, if you’re interested. I ALSO found this great, very thorough DIY jug lamp project if you feel like making your own. The piece I finally included in the lookbook is a table accent from Buffalo Trader Online (7) ($35).  I wanted another little pop of red somewhere in the room, so I thought that red glass lanterns (8) would be a nice touch. You can get the set of 3 on amazon.com for $50.

9. Finally, to add some extra seating, I would place a couple of these tufted bronze shiny velour cylinder ottomans ($58, overstock.com) around the room. The color and shape are meant to evoke upturned hay bales. Granted, these are glammed-up hay bales, but the plus side is that you get all the fun of sitting on hay with none of the itchy britches.

And that’s it! A few country style picks guaranteed to make you grin… and that’s good. (“No, that’s bad!” “How come?”)